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Some kinda hipster
I've never seen the student population jump so rapidly! I mean, I guess I've only been here a few years, but... I guess this transfer student thing was really popular with the other schools. Has anyone from here even gone to Capcom or SquareEnix yet?

We have new teachers too, so I should probably introduce myself. My name's Jeff Andonuts, and I'm a student teacher, so if you ever need any extra help with anything let me know. I specialize in the science department mainly, but I'll do my best with anything you throw at me.

Uh... Mr. Dragmire's really gone from the directory, huh? Maybe that really was him who exploded at the resort...

But I don't mean it
So that prom sure was something, huh? I still can't get over the fact I finally graduated. I dunno, I always imagined it to be... a bigger event. I guess a simple peaceful ceremony can't compare to a lot of the other things we've all been through, hahaha.

I thought about going to another place for college but a certain special offer may or may not have been made to me during the prom so I guess from here on out I'll be a student teacher here. And a college student. At the same time. I can handle that!

[Text] A modest proposal
I'm a sneaky devil
So I'm finally done with all the homework and finals I had to catch up with even though I'd be graduating even if I didn't do it, and there's still a week until graduation... Do all the graduating seniors get together for some kind of celebration beforehand or something? If they don't, we should start it. Uh... I don't really know any places that are good for that kind of thing since I'm not usually much of a party person, but this is a special occasion so what the heck. Anyone have a good suggestion?

Hopefully somewhere that isn't being ravaged by chaos. There seems to be a lot of that going around the city lately. It's weird to hear of this stuff happening off school grounds.

[Action] The most passive-aggressive bullcrap ever.
That's all there is to say really
[Guess what Samus, it's Mother's Day. Like always, Jeff has a thoughtful gift prepared. He put extra thought into this year's present:

NOTHING. Because he's just working so hard on catching up on all that homework you and Falcon gave him. Whoops.

...Okay, so in the end he rushed out and bought a generic card before the shops closed and slipped it under her office door. But he didn't even write any cute messages in it or anything SO THERE.

Surely this cannot ever come back to bite him in the ass.]

[Text] Also back.
Give us a kiss
So, uh.

I'm not allowed to disclose most of what I've been up to these past few months. I don't know how Dad has the connections he does, but he'd get in trouble if I leaked anything. I can probably talk about the alien-human relations thing I've been doing though. We helped a whole bunch of immigrants from some planet called Alternia start to integrate into human society. It's... still an ongoing thing and likely will be for years with the way some of them act but I decided to come back here instead. HEY, THEY CROSSED THE FANDOM STREAM FIRST.

Anyway, I didn't miss graduation, did I? I can still take my final exams! Not that I really need to, I guess, but I want to anyway! Jeez, walking across that stage is a once-in-a-lifetime thing, isn't it... I'm really excited for it.

What did I miss?

Phone post phone post
But you're the one who started it
"Hey, it's Jeff. If you're getting this it means I'm probably busy with something, so leave me a message and I'll get back to you whenever I can. Or, uh, you can text me if you don't like leaving messages. That's fine too."



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